Policy Board

The Policy Board for the Lewis Clark Valley MPO consists of 8 members from the 5 member jurisdictions as follows:

  • 3 members from the City of Lewiston
  • 1 member from Nez Perce County
  • 1 member from the City of Asotin
  • 1 member from the City of Clarkston
  • 2 members from Asotin County

Duties of the Policy Board:

The MPO Policy Board, in cooperation with the State and other interested entities, shall be responsible for carrying out the metropolitan transportation planning process consistent with federal guidance. It shall cooperatively develop the Unified Planning Work Program, Long Range Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement program. That planning shall be coordinated with other providers of transportation. The Board shall harmonize the general Plans of the cities and counties within the area and the Plans and planning activities of the federal, state and local agencies.

The MPO Policy Board will review, adopt and certify the following three plans: 
1) The Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) 
2) The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)
3) The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Other powers and duties of the MPO Policy Board shall be: To provide, when possible, technical services to the member units of government; To receive and dispense grants and funds from federal, state, or local governments or from individuals and foundations within the budget established or amended by the Board; To enter into agreements or contracts for any service necessary to carry out the direction of the Board; and To acquire, hold, improve, maintain, own, manage or lease personal or real property, equipment or other services and to implement plans.

Joint Powers Agreement