Clarkston Schools Safety Study

The LCVMPO is looking for firms to perform a safety analysis near and around the public schools in Clarkston, WA, including Clarkston High School, Parkway Elementary School, Grantham Elementary School, and Holy Family School.  The objective of this project is to evaluate the existing conditions in the areas surrounding the schools and propose potential solutions to pedestrian/bicycle conflicts in each area.  Proposals are due July 30, 2021 by 5:00 PST.  

Questions about RFP

Q: Will you please clarify the public involvement requirement for this RFP?  Will this project be focused more on the Local Jurisdictions and Stakeholders for the project, or will it also involve the general public?

A: A public meeting will be required after the consultant has developed alternatives/recommendations for the sites.  After public comment is received, a finalized plan can be developed through the LCVMPO TAC/stakeholder group.  Presentations to the school boards of Clarkston and Holy Family will be preferred.  A presentation to the Clarkston City Council will be required as the Council will need to formally adopt the plan for incorporation of projects into the budget.  

Q: The table on page 4 of the RFP shows the final plan being submitted on 1/7/2022, but page 5 says the plan completion is 11/19/2021.  Which is correct?

A: The table on page 4 is correct.  Plan completion on 1/7/2022.